Ritual To Attract Money: Try This And Watch How Your Life Changes ! (VIDEO)

Many people are dealing with financial problems in their life and see no way out. Some have only themselves to blame, but others may be struggling with their money due to energy blockages in their homes.

Yes, it’s true – if the proper energy flow in your home is somehow obstructed, it can result in financial troubles. Luckily, there’s a simple natural way to resolve it and help you attract more money than ever.

Are you watching your finances closely, but still lack money at the end of the month? Don’t be ashamed – we all have the same problem.

Although it doesn’t buy happiness, money has become a necessity in modern society, especially when we see how other people live. It provides prosperity and security and we have become completely dependent on it.

Stress, fatigue and worrying too much can also affect your financial state, so it may be time to change your attitude and start thinking positively. That’s only the first step. The second step towards financial prosperity involves using a ritual which will help you attract money. Don’t worry. It’s nothing like black magic; it’s a way of contacting the higher powers and asking for their help against the energy that’s invading your home. Here’s what you need to do:


  • 2 handfuls of rice
  • glass bottles - 2
  • 2 green candles
  • 6 black pepper grains


The ritual should be performed on Tuesday ideally, but you can do it any other day as long as you complete it before Wednesday midnight. Pour water in a pan and boil it, then pour it in the glass bottles and leave it to cool down. Now, add a handful of rice and 3 black pepper grains in each of the bottles, then put them in your kitchen and living room in a visible spot. Light a candle before each bottle and leave it to burn for an hour, then smother the flame with a tablespoon and put the bottles in a visible spot in your most frequented rooms.

The ritual should be performed with no guests in the house as they may disturb the process. It serves to communicate with the sacred forces. Which will eliminate the blockage and put you on the right path towards financial prosperity. To further improve your financial outcome, pray to Archangel Uriel every night to bless your wealth. Repeat the process every day and soon all your financial troubles will be resolved.

Source: http://littlefromeveryting.com

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