Protein After Training - Which is the Optimum Amount you Need?

You already know that protein is a staple food for muscular system and should be present in your diet, especially before and after workouts. But the main dilemma arises over the amount that you need to enter.

Although the food we eat before training affects your results, the amount of protein after training most affect the recovery and the formation of muscle mass.

What science says about this?

We all have different goals, different body mass, and most important is that our bodies function differently. That’s why there are personalized diet and training. But the latest research shows that generally. Each of us needs 40 grams of protein after training to maintain the optimal form of the muscular system.

In one of these studies, participants were divided according to body weight and were given 20 and 40 grams of whey protein after two full training sessions. Relative showed that regardless of body weight, those who consumed 40 grams of whey protein were 20% better protein synthesis in muscles after exercise than those who took 20 grams of protein. This is the first study of this type, but the results clearly show that if you want to increase muscle mass, you can enter 40 grams of protein in every training session.

How to enter 40 grams of protein after training?

Whey protein and chicken steaks are the surest way to ensure pure protein in your muscular system, but it is certainly good to make changes from time to time in your diet. Here are some combinations of foods that will help you achieve your goal:

200 g fillets salmon + 1 cup quinoa + a few bunches of broccoli
1 cup low-fat milk + ½ cup of low-fat yogurt + 1 dose whey protein + 1 tablespoon butter almonds + 1 banana
1 cup sour cream with low fat + 1 dose whey protein + ½ cup blueberries

200g chicken breast + 1 cup of brown rice + 2 cups chopped kale
200g beef fillet + 1 + sweet potatoes 2 tablespoons pesto
100g tuna + ½ cup beans + 2 cups chopped spinach +5 sherry tomatoes

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