Amazing! Say Goodbye to Bad Breath, Plaque, Tartar and Kill the Harmful Bacteria in the Mouth With Only One Ingredient!

Oil pulling or “gundusha” or “Kavala” is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique that cleanses the body of toxins and supports oral and overall health.
This method involves swishing a tablespoon of butter in the mouth on an empty stomach for 15-20 minutes.

Due to its excellent potent effect in the treatment of various health problems, experts worldwide recommend as the safest natural way to solve health problems.

Oil detoxifies withdrawal of the gums, strengthens and protects teeth and at the same time for a short period whitens them and makes them look fantastic. It primarily prevents infections and fights bacteria in the oral cavity.

This technique is also useful in case of headaches, skin problems, arthritis, asthma, infections, hormonal imbalance and so on. This inexpensive treatment provides countless benefits and gives no side effects.
Also, we refer to the use of coconut oil as fantastic Incredibly healthy oil, which can further increase the effects of treatment.

These are the most important benefits of using coconut oil for your dental health.

  • whitens teeth
  • It has impressive effects for the entire oral cavity
  • Fights bacteria and gum infections
  • pierces the plate
  • prevents tooth decay

This is the whole process:

When you wake up in the morning, to be put in the mouth a few teaspoons of organic coconut oil. Keep it in your mouth for 20 minutes.

This procedure should be repeated before a meal during the day.

The oil will be able to destroy bacteria and plaque, but the body will not have enough time to reabsorb toxins again.
Then spit it out, and thus will remove all bacteria and toxins from the mouth.

Rinse with warm water, then brush your teeth as usual.


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