10 Healthy and Easy Tips for Weight Loss

As the summer we all want to reach top form and perfect appearance of our body. Many of us remain inactive for too long in winter and during that time can get a few kilos more. But weight loss becomes a real challenge, because if you are on a strict diet, you may be hungry, irritable and tense.

If you want a healthy way to achieve the ideal look of your body, apply the following 10 easy tips for weight loss.
Start the meal with homemade soup or porridge prepared, such as tomato soup or grainy pulp and/or salad with only 1-2 tablespoons dressing easier.

If you feel hungry between meals, eat an apple, grapefruit or orange. These fruits are rich in fiber and create a feeling of fullness. Research shows that you eat 15% less food.

Eliminate all artificial sweeteners when preparing food or drinks, because they increase the desire for sweet, undermining your desired order to import fewer calories. Allow yourself to have small prizes daily, made with real sugar.

Eat about 10 nuts between meals or before meals. Fruits that contain healthy fats and protein will keep you fuller to avoid hunger but do not consume more than 10 because of the high content of calories and fat.

Season food with hot sauce, garlic or fresh spices, but avoid salt. Intense flavors send a message to the brain that you are completely satisfied in a shorter time compared to food prepared without spices.

Daily buffet eating healthy fats such as vegetable oils and nuts. For contrast, saturated fat-containing meat and dairy products make you less satisfied.

Consume foods that are rich in fiber and has few calories. An excellent meal with such qualities is vegetables, and can be combined with 60-100 grams of non-fat proteins include chicken, fish, and legumes.

Regularly consume protein, more will saturate and reduce hunger, compared with foods rich in fat. Proteins retain sugar in your blood to normal levels and prevent the loss of muscle.

If you eat snacks, choose popcorn made with a little oil or make your baked chips of carrots or potatoes.
Lastly, you can purchase flaxseed that has no need to cook, just sprinkle 1 tablespoon on salads, pasta or cereal. Flaxseed absorbs water and keeps you full.

Losing and maintaining a healthy body weight is always a daily challenge. But remember these 10 tips for weight loss. Making the healthy choice should always be part of your daily routine as other routines that you make during the day.

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